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Yellow 1098 - date and photos

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Put my deposit down and the dealer said April/May delivery which surprised me as I though they would be a lag on the yellow as they filled in all the red pre-orders.

Has anyone has orderd a Yellow 1098 been given a date.

Cannot find any photos other than the basic side profile and the mocked up one. So if anyone can post some up that would be appreciated.
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I put on a deposit on a red or yellow (wahtever is available). I was told April-ish since I was 6th at the dealer on a 1098. The dealer thought that either color was a possibility for an April delivery. Would match the info you all were given.
Same here, left a deposit for a Yella duc and was told it would arive april/may'ish, but nothings set in stone. Having purchased prior Ducati's and waited in line for new models, factory deliverys tend to be slow. My guess for the yellow machines is either late may or early june.
Here ...


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The bike looks amazing, but imaybe its just me, but wouldn't a black frame have looked hot?
The trellis frame is a part of the the bikes heritage and identity. Thats why the colours try and highlight the frame . I am surprised they did not paint it yellow. I like the colour they have chosen. Wish the wheels where the same colour

Got my invoice for my deposit on one Yellow 1098. Delivery April/May
Are you guys being told that the Yellow is harder to get? In So Calif, they're saying that fewer Yellows will be made and that it will be a longer wait. Sounds silly, but its the only thing holding me back from a deposit. I can't decide which color.
Yellows seem to be a longer wait. A friend had to wait 4 months extra for her yellow 748.

I kinda expected to wait a bit longer due to production volume. Seems those who want yelllow are a small slice to the market. But my dealer said mine would arrive in the second batch of bikes here in OZ.

Looking forward to seeing production pictures of of the Yellow.
Ordered one of the first yellow ones in Michigan. I was also told late April to early May. I placed my order the first week of January.
Finally a non photoshopped yellow

Looking forard to seeing more shots if the yellow in its natural environment ... twisty roads

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